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Tamagotchi Archive Site?

I want to make a website trying to save some of the old tamagotchi charts and such since so many of the old sites are going down. Like Tamatalk doesn’t even work anymore! If anyone has any old charts or whatever, it’d be massive if you could upload them and attach them here? I have a friend JUST getting into tamagotchi so I’m giving her one of my old V4s(she doesn’t like the idea of them dying but is cool with them moving away and leaving their baby, lol) so when I was trying to grab some charts and manuals I realized a LOT of stuff is just GONE now. I want to save some of it!

- thebentobuff

ahh! i don’t have any charts saved at the moment, though i should be doing that! if anyone would like to help contribute, feel free to drop me a message!

but i did remember a forum i used to frequent that works a lot on stuff like this, the Tama Zone often works on their own charts and are pretty handy! here’s the charts forum section

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Tamagotchi toys at McDonalds in Japan.


Tamagotchi toys at McDonalds in Japan.


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💜 Kuchipatchi 💜

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Yes. I guess it’s a lot…

My collection reached 240 Tamagotchis, Originals and Virtual Pets from other brands than Bandai.

I didn’t even count any Pouches, Plushies, Charms or books!